Birthday Inspiration

I turned 22 over the weekend, so I’m a big girl now—except for the fact that I still live at home with my parents while I do the save-up-money gig. Of course, with birthdays come presents, and for mine I asked for a bedroom make-over. Now that I’m living in the “real world” as a big girl, going to sleep at night on a twin day bed in a peach-colored, striped-wall bedroom wasn’t making me feel too grown up, let alone 22 (more like 7). So as I created my birthday wish list, I found fabrics, textures and colors that I liked, created a little palette and voila! Thanks to my wonderful family for combining efforts and getting me what I asked for (and even moving a queen bed into my room!), I have a beautiful bedroom that will transfer well into a nice yuppy apartment someday. And now that I have a beautiful room, I’m feeling very inspired to finish some old projects from school to adorn my now bare walls. My walls are now a nice shade of gray (stone cistern by Duron to be exact), so I plan on digging out some of my old black and white photos and framing them with nice large, white mattes to compliment the shade. I also have some simple contour drawings I think would work nicely in here as well as some failed lithography prints that I might rework into some sort of collage with water color. I definitely needed this little make-over to fuel my creative fire.
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