A Very Tacky Christmas

It goes without saying that as a graphic designer, there is a level of expectation when it comes to putting out a family Christmas card every year. And I must say — this year was without a doubt a great success.

It took a bit of convincing my family, but my “tacky sweater” concept couldn’t have gone over with our recipients any better — well that is to say, anyone who we haven’t offended has complimented it thus far.

I even got a little ballsy and had a custom photopolymer plate made by Boxcar Press so I could letterpress the cards. Handcrafting them on my letterpress “machine” definitely had some hiccups. I just couldn’t get the darn thing to ink properly, so I only ended up printing an edition of 20 (there was no way I had the patience to do 80 after so many hours of trying to get it perfect and precise). That’s why I really just need a real press.

Printing at Ye Old Parent's House

Printing at Ye Old Parent's House

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