Brie Spitzen

So whenever I’m in another country, I’m (embarrassingly) always intrigued by how the McDonald’s menu varies. I know it might sound silly, but I can’t help but be drawn in and explore the menu. I hadn’t gotten a chance to go into a McCafé yet (as they’re called here) until today. Anna and Will mentioned they had gone in a couple of days ago to try the brie spitzen and claimed it was amazing. Parvina and Kathy weren’t as big of fans, but Kate and I were curious after it was mentioned. Turns out deep fried wedges of brie cheese served with raspberry sauce from McDonald’s ain’t so bad. I also ordered an eiscafé, assuming it was an iced coffee—almost right. It was actually half a cup of coffee and half vanilla ice cream. Definitely the pick-me-up I needed. Both were hard to compare to Canadian poutines, but I’m glad I gave it a shot. I’ll probably stick to picking up quick foods from falafel stands and Anker from here on out.

We leave for Horn tomorrow at 7:51 am so I’m just packing and resting tonight. One of the bike rides includes a journey to the Czech border, so hopefully I can endure that. If not, it should be a relaxing few days in the Austrian countryside regardless. Catch ya in Horn (Horn?).

PS—I was offered a full-time job today. More details to come later. Wien ist mein Glücksbringer.

Alles ist Gut.

Everything is good.

I arrived in Vienna yesterday afternoon, after a slight delay in the Copenhagen airport, but was greeted with open arms by Tate and the rest of the students on the trip. We were ready to take on Vienna. The city, my apartment, my frau (house mom)—everything is beautiful and beyond my expectations. There is so much history yet modernity, art, design, and culture—it’s fantastic.

Our frau, Brigitte, welcomed us to her home and Wien with champagne, flowers and delicious Viennese cookies.

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