Last week I had the pleasure of attending the DSEE Digital Print & Design Conference at the Gaylord. The event was sponsored by Dscoop and HP, so there was print and paper information abound. I always loved petting a good paper sample.

Highlights from the day included hearing Droga5‘s Neil Heymann and Hashem Bajwa discuss their collaborative media campaign with Bing and Jay-Z to increase Bing’s user market while cross-promoting Jay-Z’s newest book, Decoded. The entire campaign was very impressive, and they had the stats to prove it. Continue Reading

Designing with the Other Four Fingers

Tonight I had the opportunity to visit a DC Design studio, Polygraph, to participate in an intimate discussion with the principals and some other AIGA members on the importance of stepping away from the computer as designers.

I heard about this event after receiving an invite from AIGA, but was more intrigued to go after hearing from one of my old coworkers/Vienna Studio particpants that the three founders of Polygraph were not only JMU alum, but Vienna Studio alum. I wanted to see how such an incredible experience translated into the real working lives of a multidisciplinary studio in DC.
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A Letterpress Weekend

I think I’ve found a new (expensive) hobby/career path—letterpress printing. It’s a process and technique I’ve always wanted to learn about, but have never been able to—until now.

Some may argue that letterpress, invented by Gutenberg way back when, was the pioneer of graphic design. Setting type, attention to detail, paper choice, color, precision, ink, craftsmanship—these important elements of letterpress are theories that are vital to graphic design today. And I was able to (finally) learn about these theories and practices first hand this weekend.

Coasters & Postcards from the Type Truck

Coasters & Postcards from the Type Truck

Kyle Durrie, founder of the Moveable Type Truck  Project has been traveling cross-country in a truck (similar to a food truck) that she has converted to a mobile home/letterpress shop. I came across her blog a while ago and was happy to see she would be making the DC leg of her adventure this past weekend. Unfortunately because of instances at work and the nightmare that is DC traffic, I got to the truck shortly before they were closing up. I didn’t get to stay as long as I would have liked, but it was really great to be able to work briefly with Kyle’s presses myself. She has two—both tabletop, one being a flatbed and the other an antique tabletop press (you’ll have to forgive me, I’m still trying to learn the terminology and ins and outs of this process, so I don’t know the specific names). We printed some postcards on the flatbed with some of her woodblock type and a coaster on the other one. I didn’t get to pick her brain as much as I would have liked, but it was still really fun to see the truck in person and distantly admire her gumption for doing something so bold with her skills.
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