Concrete Jungle

So on my flight home, the swanky airplane had cameras on the nose and underneath that gave passengers aerial views of the ride. A little nauseating for some, but as we were approaching Dulles, I switched on my little tv to watch. Seeing all the concrete, empty parking lots and cookie-cutter houses reminded me why I spent 5 weeks in Vienna. I don’t mean to hate on my home in Northern Virginia, but I really do miss the European living and thinking, both urban and country. And man is the heat and humidity here god-awful.
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Double Viennese Recognition

First—Typejockeys blogged about our Vienna Studio ’11 today. Check it out.

Second—The Austro-American Institute of Education, which is the institute we occasionally meet at for “class,” is celebrating it’s 85th anniversary this year. To celebrate, it is hosting a gala at the end of June, which Umbau is invited to join. Because of the nature of our group (designers, artists, etc.), the director of the institute asked us to voluntarily submit cover designs for the program for the event. Along with a couple others, I put a design together and have been working with Hermann in making minor corrections. Tate told me today that Hermann chose my design. So I’m officially an international designer. Ha. Tate also told me I’m somehow going to be recognized onstage at the gala. I guess that gives me an excuse to go back to the Reworked Vintage store I walked through today and buy myself a snazzy new dress. Anyways, I have to create a back cover as well, so that will finish out the project. Once I’m finished, I’ll be sure to update with an image of the design, so keep checking back.

PS—Turns out when we go to Horn (Horn?), we will have wireless access, so I won’t be completely cut off. Interesting posts about 60-mile bike rides to come…

Umbau Photo Blog

Everyone in the Umbau Vienna Studio ’11 is contributing to a photo blog.
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